Service Area Capability

Master PLanning and Network Design
Interactive GPS/CAD graphic data systems
Feasibility Studies and Business Planning
Regulatory Body Reporting, Filings, Hearings
CALEA Planning, Design, and Implementation
RUS Loan Designs, infrastructure and broadband
FTTX Projects Planning, Design, and Implementation
RUS, GFR and WDC Coordination
CATV Planning, Design and Related Consulting Services
Distance Learning & Telemedicine
Central Office Design, VOIP, SIP, MGCP, Packet, Softswitch, Plans and Specifications
Content Planning and Acquisition
Lightwave Equipment Network Design, FTTx, xDSL
Vendor Analysis and Selection
Fiber Optic Cable Network Design
Local Loop Design, Copper, Fiber (PON, Active), Coax
Ground Field Testing, Design and Ground Auditing
Environmental Reports and Agency Compliance
Coordination with all State Highway Departments
Field Staking
Preparation of OSP Plans, Specifications and Contract Documents
Bid Solicitation and analysis
Contract Management
Final Testing and Cut-Over, OSP and Vendor Equipment
Marketing Services
Operations Integration and Analysis
Plant Records, Continuing Property Records
In-House CAD Systems:
Martin Group- GEO Explorer
Mapcom M4