Capacity for Performance

Given the experience and knowledge of our engineering team, Ladd Engineering should compliment the desired goals of our client by establishing a solid system and plan for the evolution of facilities to provide desirable economic growth. It is our experience that there are a number of variables that determine the path of planning, designing and building a communications network.

Equipment and plant planning includes the design of outside plant facilities for the exchange covering the area, utilizing the required specifications of a technology platform that meets the goals as set forth by the application and its evolving technology. In the pre-engineering process, time is spent with a plan to study what is due and when each phase needs to be complete to meet an orderly transition into the new system. We use scheduling charts such as a Gantt to give us a projection and goal of when each phase will be completed. Ladd Engineering maintains a constant personnel base of employees that will allow for resources that can be brought in to complement the assigned personnel as demands of the project dictate.