Project Administration

Corporate structures for the new millennium dictate that an engineering firm not only provide typical services required for an organization to conduct business, but also provide additional services as dictated by the client. A key element for any project is the careful attention and broad based team effort given to project administration. LEA accomplishes this task by combining experienced staff into a project team and by pooling resources from other experienced individuals within the Corporation and those of specialized associate groups.

Since we provide different levels of service for different clients according to their need to supplement the efforts of the client’s in-house engineering staff, we want to be sure that the client knows the full scope of work that LEA is capable of handling. Several years ago we concluded that convergence of voice, video and data into a common digital bit stream or single “pipe line”, serving the residence or business was probably the thing of the future. We began to profile our firm to include an expanded array of services from the traditional COE/OSP/RUS firm. Included as follows is a brief synopsis of the areas of service that are currently being furnished by our “in-house” staff.